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What does the kit do?


Save you money! No more arguments over returned faulty, chain saw, lawn mower or any other piece of 2-stroke powered equipment. You may have believed before that the failure was due to no oil, now you can prove it!

The Quoin Kit has been in use for some time in the UK. Over the years it has saved the rental and garden machinery business many thousands of pounds. The inventor of the 2-stroke test kit was in the garden power tool business. He had the problem that 2-stroke equipment he had supplied would be returned under guarantee seized up, and realized most of these returns were due to no oil in the fuel, but had no way to prove it! He then spent some time looking for a test kit to diagnose the oil/gasoline mixture and when none was found decided to make one for himself The problem was harder than he imagined and many different methods had to be eliminated. One enquiry to a famous UK oil company even came back with the reply that it was impossible to do. Eventually however, an easy to use solution was found. It is now used all over the UK

Test kits are available in the UK from :-

Garden & Hire Spares Ltd, Worcester

L&S Engineers Ltd

Blount UK (under Blount's own label).

Midland Power is no longer a supplier.

Our Kits are now available, exclusively, in Australia and New Zealand, from Husqvarna.

And in South Africa from HoneyDew LawnMowers

If you would like a sample kit please do contact us

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